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Beat the heat

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Going to be a warm one today in the mid-Atlantic and I love it. I’ll work on my tan while doing some yard work. After that, I plan on moving the hammock to the shade and maybe doing some reading. Whatever you need to do to beat the heat by all means do it.

Boating is a popular option to beat the heat. Photo by Mike Hartley

When going out to lunch yesterday I showed my better half a trick to enjoy the convertible on a hot day. There isn’t any rule against running the A/C with the top down. You can still stay comfortable cruising around with that combination up to 90 degrees easily.

I got a feeling after moving that wood pile today that a snowball would be a great way to beat the heat. And that reminds me I have to get the splash pad out for the granddaughter this week.

Shade and food. Photo by Mike Hartley

This is the kind of summer lunch I like above. Belly Busters in Ocean City. I love their rockfish tacos and the steamed crabs and shrimp have been good. And it’s one of the few places around where I’ve gotten conch fritters and they were very good.

We used to stay right across the street from them so we have had most of their menu over several years and always been happy.

To all the Teachers

May your rooms be blessed with ears eager to listen, minds open to learning, supportive parents and administrations, and facilities that will keep you warm and cool when needed.

May you get the support of family and friends when things aren’t going well. May you still see the humor in situations. May you be blessed with the wisdom and skills to help with all the needs kids have that aren’t being met on the outside that filter into your classrooms.

May you feel the admiration that many have for your profession and abilities, this year and throughout your careers.

May you be granted extra patience and love for your own children when you get home, to equal out the stresses of dealing with 20-30 of them all day.

Remember that when you make learning fun, the ones you teach will never forget you. Have a great year to all. Especially my daughters.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Feeling that sense of urgency again.
  • I like finding something amazing each day. Living near nature helps a lot.
  • It’s time to shake up the basement production facility.
  • The nation hasn’t hit an intersection like this in a great many years.

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