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Figured I’d supply the sun this morning even though the real one wasn’t up here in the northeast when I started this. Sunshine always gives me inspiration. I hope to spend a lot of time in it today. I’ve got a good plan and all I need to do is execute it.

Unfortunately, I’m laboring last night and tonight. The number of holidays I might have to work yet are down to just 2. So I’ll power through.

I love decorative suns, but nothing touches the real one. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ll have to be careful with the amount of sun today. I love soaking up some rays during summer. I believe today is one of those days that a snowball is in the cards. Maybe two if I decide to stay there and try to get some pictures.

We all have a chip in the game – I’ve been trying to follow the Howard County school busing fiasco. For a bit, I thought what does it matter to me? My kids graduated long ago and our grandkids don’t reside in this county.

But then I quickly realized all those tax dollars I pay to live here go towards education. And if we are paying more and getting worse service and eliminating county jobs and small businesses to go with some company on the other side of the country then I take serious issue with that.

I don’t think the gravity of this is being addressed. And I don’t think the people that are responsible for this situation should be in office and I’m going to do my best to ascertain the person/people accountable and do my part to vote them out. I don’t care if they are Democrats or Republicans, they failed the kids, they failed the parents and they failed the taxpayers and it sounds like they did their own business community wrong. Sort of like going 0-4 at bat. But we aren’t playing baseball here, are we?

I read the statement from the County Executive and it seems to point in the direction of the BOE but I view this kind of thing as not being able to clear the roads in a snowstorm. He also seems to confirm we are paying a lot more and have been for some time for what appears to be a cluster F. And now that we are into our second week he needs to step in and kick some ass or just take control of the situation. That is what leaders do.

Found this article on Zum apology and explanations. Hey, you take the job/contract you better be able to pull it off. To me, the county should go after some of that money they paid them.

On paper, they say there will be an improvement from week one to this coming week. This article from WTOP says 11 of the 20 routes are restored for this coming week and provides the list of bus routes/schools still out of service. Again they should figure out what percentage of the school year they are having poor service and demand a refund.

I don’t know for a fact but I’m guessing those new drivers for those new “fixed” routes don’t even live here or know the area or routes. Probably haven’t even had a test run. So even if it is restored don’t bet there won’t still be issues.

Where is my bus? Photo by Mike Hartley

This is where a community paper would be good and finding out a lot more about it and maybe increasing the pressure on both the county and company to remedy the situation faster. But we have just turned into a bunch of individual voices. But we can still make our presence felt at voting time.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I like being up before sunrise.
  • I should get to bed being I’ve been up all night.
  • Time to detail the ride today.
  • I wish I had the joy of seeing my grandchildren wake up more than when we are on vacation together. But I do a fair job of imagining it every morning along with their parent’s smiles.

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