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No day, for props up

Some days you just have to say #&@%*!$  it and go for it. Today was one of those days. A ride with the top down to St Michael’s and my better half making my passenger seat happy. Everything was perfect, the weather, the food, the town, the ride down, the people, the ice cream, the pet store gifts and of course my company. One of those days that recharge your batteries. Yeah it was just a quick visit but its great to have the ability to be out and about and just enjoying a simple day with the simple pleasures of life and the beauty nature and people provide.

Put those props in the water.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Either this guy doesn’t have a flexible job or gas money because if those were my trio of power I think they would be getting some exercise today. You don’t get many better days weather wise. Of course the winds were up later in the day and the white caps were out on the bay on the return trip. We had a wonderful lunch at The Lighthouse and our server Kim was great.

Great meal, great service.
Photo by Mike Hartley

A view of the Lighthouse restaurant across the harbor. I would have taken a picture of the lobster tempura or the crab cake but I inhaled and they were gone. And no I don’t treat myself like that all the time. But its a special weekend.

We ate under those outside umbrellas today.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Nothing like being near a body of water when mother nature is happy. Just a wonderful sight. And for those who work the water its a fine day indeed between the tough ones that they still work in.

Cleaning up from a days work on the water.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Well, better get moving. The fun of the day was had. Time for some chores. On second thought, on with the fun.

Nice spirit.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Take the wheel Scotty, I’m going for a slice of pizza.

Nice Wood
Photo by Mike Hartley

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We all need a tow sometime

Every once in a while we need to throw a line to someone. No not the pickup lines. If you are there for others, the chances are that some will be there for you when needed. I’ve tried to be there for my friends and family. I’ve failed at times also. But I try my best at it each day. So look out for those lifelines people are throwing out for help. And don’t be afraid to toss your own line when you need. It’s a lesson I’m having trouble learning myself. So I get to practice what I preach.

This guy was in need of a toe. Photo by Mike Hartley

This guy was in need of a tow apparently.
Photo by Mike Hartley

And here is the guy for the job below. Yep a tug. They are impressive and they really have some power.

Tug out of Baltimore Photo by Mike Hartley

Tug out of Baltimore
Photo by Mike Hartley

Now while he might look like something out on the water when you put the two together you get an idea of the word strength.

Tug towing ship. Photo by Mike Hartley

Tug towing ship.
Photo by Mike Hartley

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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sunrise

Just ran across this old video of a few minutes of drive time in my vault of crap. It warmed me up a bit this morning thinking of seeing that sunrise on my way to the ocean. But being we have a snowstorm going on, I find myself wishing it was summer. Wishing I was off. Wishing I was headed to the beach. Then again, without shoveling, creating snow angels and snowmen or spending hours driving in snow and sleet to and from work, I wouldn’t appreciate summer.

And to be technically correct the bridges name is:  William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge. Or as its more commonly known: DaBridge. For example: Can you believe it took me 2 hours just to get to DaBridge? or  DaBridge was backed up all the way to Easton. or  Can you believe what they raised the toll to on DaBridge?

While this was a nice trip over, my wife and I once drove over it at night in the middle of a thunderstorm. We got out of the car a few miles down the road on Rt 50 and looked at the hail damage it caused, hundreds of dimples in the body. But the high wind days are the worst. Especially if your on a bike. But the view is not one to be missed.

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A Mary (crab) land, or is it?

I love this great state of Maryland. One of its wonderful resources is the Maryland Blue Crab. I love them. I like to catch them, I love to eat them and eat them and eat them. So therefore I am part of the problem and solution I guess.

Actually I had just intended to post a picture of some crab balls we made recently at a friend’s home. That was to go along with the rockfish we caught that day. I’d love to go on and on about the different styles and techniques of cooking or using crab in many types of dishes but I think I’ll take the opportunity to remind us all that mother nature isn’t attuned to the supply and demand needs and nor is the general public good at adapting to mother natures change.

Maryland Crab  Photo by Mike Hartley

Maryland Crab
Photo by Mike Hartley

What triggered this though was the report from Mitch at Exploratorius. This got me thinking about the responsibility we all have in helping nature along because it for most part is our food supply. Yeah you can set catch limits. But what accounts for people poaching or kills from run off and pesticides. Then there is industry and the number of people the region can support threatening the bay all the time.

So while I will eat my favorite crustacean, I will be mindful that I may have to decrease my intake in coming years. Prices alone may take care of that. And hats off to Mitch for making us aware of this issue. And lets hope that it’s a great season coming up and its our science of measurement that needs improving. But I don’t think so unfortunately.

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Annapolis Maryland

What a town. The State Capitol. The Naval Academy. The Bay. The History. Each time there I see things I’ve never seen. The people are great. We stopped at Chick and Ruth’s for breakfast this past week and man was that a treat. Here are some past shots and I hope you find something you like. I know I have more and will post once I find them.

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Fishing – The Bay

There are few things as relaxing and fun as pulling Rockfish from the bay. Being out on the water with a good Captain and your best friends without your electronic devices is a treat. We like using Capt. Shawn Gibson of Wound Tight Charters. Always have a great time with him and the catch is top-notch. And no I don’t get anything from the plug other than hoping he stays in business so we can go out a few times a year with him every year in the future.

As our friend Capt Dan would say. Yeah Buddy. Photo by Mike Hartley

As our friend Capt Dan would say. Yeah Buddy.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So get your behind down to the water, grab a reel because someone is going to be yelling “FISH ON”.

Ready to Catch Photo by Mike Hartley

Ready to Catch
Photo by Mike Hartley

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Quote of the Day

“Nothing could beat the day of fishing we did yesterday on the Chesapeake Bay. Unless our friend Dan who passed away shoveling snow earlier this year could have been there with us.”  

We miss you brother and we slade the ROCKS. Thanks for watching over us and getting back to port. Those waves were mountains on the shipping channel yesterday. 

Mike Hartley

Oh yeah, we slade them Rocks this year again.  Photo by Mike Hartley

Oh yeah, we slade them Rocks this year again.
Photo by Mike Hartley

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The Bay

What a beautiful start to the day. Had the chance to head across “The Bridge” this morning and just thought I’d share a few shots from the point by the Bay Bridge Marina. I’ve always marveled at the Bay Bridge. I’m going to see how many vantage points and variations on the theme I can create.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Photo by Mike Hartley

Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Photo by Mike Hartley

There are so many wonderful things to shoot there I think I’ll make a point of adding the Bay to my portfolio.

Bay Grass Photo by Mike Hartley

Bay Grass
Photo by Mike Hartley

For it has wonderful colors provided by nature but also some wonderful man made ones.

Side of SpeedBoat Photo by Mike Hartley

Side of SpeedBoat
Photo by Mike Hartley

And of course I’m always looking for a good place to eat with a great view. So I think I’ll try this one with my wife someday soon.

Hemingway's Restaurant  Photo by Mike Hartley

Hemingway’s Restaurant
Photo by Mike Hartley