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Change of plans

I started to sit down and write a few lines about how I thought I had a lot of time this past weekend to create and practice skills but how it all so quickly evaporated into other things. But then a call from my sister about her home being robbed. Just more bad news for someone who has had far more than her fair share. It’s left her shaken and despondent.

Things can be replaced, but personal items can’t. Nor can the feeling of your residence being violated. At least she is safe but I’m sure she is feeling far from it right now. She has a ring camera and secure doors, but they were determined and successful.

As I was sitting back contemplating crime and its impact. How most of us try to maintain a healthy life by focusing on positive and enjoyable aspects of life. At the same time having to acknowledge there is an evil out there that preys on other people and the randomness is totally out of your control.

This is the only kind of stealing we should be seeing. Photo by Mike Hartley

So do you spend your time behind locked doors with an arsenal of weapons and wait with a crazed smile on your face or do you go on hoping and living life with kindness, compassion, and love? I guess most of us shoot for that comfortable balance.

Things like locks on doors and windows and everyone with money enough for security systems are now a bare minimum. Going out in groups and avoiding more troubled areas. Being more aware of your surroundings and those around you.

50-60 years ago most of the people in my neighborhood never locked their homes unless they were going on vacation and even then a lot left them open for neighbors to watch their pets.

Not that there wasn’t an occasional theft but it was usually someone’s kid in the neighborhood and nothing substantial. Theft is big business now. From your online accounts to your catalytic converter or your whole car. Of course, there is the up close and personal version of armed robbery.

The balance over time has shifted where some of us now aren’t that comfortable leaving our homes vacant for any period or even comfortable going out in public. From the grocery store parking lot to the community mall. Even our jobs and public events we attend for enjoyment are targets of crazed individuals.

Now the latest rage of people targeting our utilities and infrastructure. Is it any surprise people want to walk around armed now? I don’t choose to but I feel more naked than ever knowing I’m not and a lot of people are and not all of them are good ones. I’ve owned a gun since my early 20s so for over 4 decades. Only in the last two years has it ever been without a trigger lock. So I guess somewhere in my internal clock I said I need to be prepared faster.

So far I haven’t changed my position on the need to be strapped when I go out. And I hope events don’t push me toward that day but things are going in the wrong direction. It’s going to take a major effort from all aspects of society (not just courts and police) to correct the direction and all of our efforts over a long period of time to change it.

Crime is a complex problem and may need many different ways to correct it.

I look at how times changed from the time I grew up and now in neighborhoods. We are less connected than in the past. I’ve lived in this home for almost 4 decades. I know the other long-term neighbors around me but new ones are mysteries for the most part. So I think I’ll start reaching out a little more. Maybe a few more walks and taking the time for a few introductions. You got to start someplace.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The more appreciation for all that I have the less I feel the need to want for more.
  • It’s about this time of year I get to really Jonesing for sand between my toes and the sound of waves on the shore.
  • Some mistakes I make in life seem to take me a long time to learn from.
  • Now sounds like a good time to start a new project. Or maybe finish one?