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This is Sparta, sorry Tuesday

Tuesdays are tough. Tuesdays don’t play. Tuesdays are moving days. Tuesdays you are up to speed. On Tuesdays, you’re implementing plans from those Monday meetings. Tuesday is Election Day. But before that, there is Super Tuesday. I know where I was on Tuesday 9/11.

Ocean City Maryland. Photo by Mike Hartley

Tuesday is Taco Tuesday. Tuesdays are for tea. Tuesday is 20 cents of high-test gas at Shell so I fill my tank. By Tuesday I’m tired from 2 long night shifts and little sleep. Tuesdays Gone is a great song by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I believe in the Spring down south there is a day called Fat Tuesday. Maybe have lunch at Ruby Tuesday.

One of the best things about Tuesday is it’s about as far from the next Monday as possible. Unless it’s a Tuesday after a Monday holiday which means you are Tuesday Toast.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I think I’ll go get some sleep and do some more random thoughts later because I’m pretty tired.
  • I think I’ll go dream about a warm breakfast.
  • I hope I don’t oversleep on such a nice day.
  • Is it wrong to say goodnight at 7:20 am?