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Learning about their early days

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After sorting through the last few decades of my Moms pictures (mostly flowers and some trips and cats) Lots of cats. Then sorting family photos out and sharing with my sister. I’m glad I was able to save/store and sort all this stuff because I think they will yield some treasures. They both (Mom and Dad) loved taking pictures. I can see why Kodak did so well for so long. Neither of them did it for more than a hobby. Recently I’ve just starting to look through the drawers of slides. The first few I found I was impressed with and said I got to digitize these and get them organized and preserved. And this was the first one I had to do. It spoke to me about that time. That big old Mercury and the Sears Roebuck and Company sign/store in the background. But the smile and relaxed pose between the end of WWII and before the start of the Korean war.

From April 1949.  Photo property of Threw Mikes Eyez

From April 1949.
Photo property of Threw Mikes Eyez

Before today I only had a hand loop that was out of focus to look at these. Their old slide projector gave up the ghost years ago. So I decided to get a digital scanner (Wolverine F2D 20mp Digital Converter). I’ll do a review of that when I actually learn how to use it well. But what I’m finding looks pretty good to me. I hope I continue to find gems like this first one. Remember this is the first scan I’ve done, you can even see the poor position I have with the edge of the slide on the right. I just used the default settings and was still impressed.

The writing on the slide itself says Shirley Convent Bowling Rochester and April 1949. It is my Moms handwriting and that means she would have shot this in her mid 20s. I hope I don’t bore you guys with too much nostalgia. If I do sing out or yell STOP. I’ll do my best to edit the mountains of images. And even if it’s just a few gems, I’m glad I saved this stuff from the trash and was able to store/preserve it. My Dad went to both Poles and I know there are some shots from those journeys.

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday. I know I had the best time the last few days with my better half. She suggested some time away before some pending surgery. It was a great suggestion. And even though it rained every day and the winds ripping the wetness along at 20-40 mph the first two days. and the sun not even making an appearance till we were coming over the Bay Bridge on the way home. It is just what I needed because I feel relaxed and rested and loved. But most of all happy to have such a great mate. Thank you Patti.

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