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Get ready to shove off for another week

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Wow, this past week flew by and here we are at a Sunday evening again with the work week looming. No problem here except I’m focused on vacation. For I usually take a week off each month June, July and August. And while I had 3 weeks off in late June and early July that was recovery from surgery, not vacation. So I’m feeling a little burned out and looking forward to spending some time relaxing but more importantly having time to create. Now I just have to request some time off.

Time to shove off on another week. Photo by Mike Hartley

Time to shove off on another week.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’d rather have this view as I leave the ocean instead of bumper to bumper traffic at the end of the work day in Washington. So all you people returning from a great weekend at Ocean City with this staring you in the face as you go home. Relax, chill, take that beach vibe back to work with you and tell them to mellow out.

Bayside OC sunset. Photo by Mike Hartley

Bayside OC sunset.
Photo by Mike Hartley

This coming week should be filled with time to shoot. I have 3 days in a row planned later in the week and hopefully I’ll have time to do some night shots early in the week. I’m hoping the weather and health, both hold out. I’m also set up to start using that new Dremel 4k tool. So bring on some vacation so I can get to work. Maybe I can talk the boss into taking Wednesday off.

Random Thoughts for Sunday August 2nd 2015

  • Truth should get you by. Truth is it doesn’t.
  • Grill’in and chill’in = Summertime and sunshine.
  • I should write a book on how I’ve seen business change in the last 4-5 decades. Nah, there are enough horror novels out there already.
  • Be passionate about your friendships also.


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