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Terrific Tuesday

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Another day of health, so therefore there is happiness. Another day of work and work with very little sleep, therefore there is a lack of energy. Another day with my camera in hand and a keyboard to throw some words and images together. How lucky I am to have the time and ability to share. And now that I have a few dollars saved up its time to go on the search for a new wide-angle lens.

Choices in the use of time, is something I find myself re-evaluating every day. Sometimes several times a day as I try to dispose of some time wasters. Because as work gets busier, free time becomes more precious. Today instead of sitting in front of the TV, I turned it off and got on the treadmill and did some creative thinking. Felt better both mentally and physically.

Lets respect this planet so we have something to leave our children. Photo by Mike Hartley

Lets respect this planet so we have something to leave our children.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m also realizing how fast things can slip mentally if you let them. I need to stay more challenged. It used to be the job that pushed that but now its my own personal projects for my future that get my juices flowing. Now if I could just find the time without burning my mind and body out trying to accomplish both.

OK next topic is our Planet. We are killing it in so many ways. We have to become more responsible and its all of us. Most of the time when I think about that the obvious things like the recycling we do. Proper disposal of chemicals. Composting yard waste. But as I look at things now I realize it’s a lot of the energy we use also that is creating environmental issues. And yes that is regardless of the global warming argument.

So I’m getting in the habit of turning off my electronics more often. I’m also trying to keep my foot off the floorboard with the gas pedal. All I know is I want to be responsible in leaving my children a better place to live. Of course I reserve the right to put the foot back through the floorboard if I get a muscle car.

Baltimore Police chopper over Inner Harbor. Photo by Mike Hartley

Baltimore Police chopper over Inner Harbor.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Next rant is about our collective poor behavior. Again, some self-reflection first before slamming society. I have to practice better patience and look to help instead of condemn. I need to find a way to help those less fortunate than I.

But yes we need to check ourselves so the skies over our cities and counties aren’t flooded with Police choppers and guys in riot gear on the ground. And better yet, if we do have these tools if they could be used for fighting real people who want to see the US removed from the face of the earth instead of the knuckleheads with too much to drink doing the car chase routine or those wishing to destroy their own neighborhoods because of a feeling of desperation.

And just so we don’t finish the Post on a down note. A little of mother nature below sharing her beauty.

Some beauty between the green. Photo by Mike Hartley

Some beauty between the green.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts for Tuesday August 11th 2015

  • It amazing the gale of some people to take advantage of situations.
  • It has taken me a lifetime to finally accept that some people are just Evil.
  • I always leave the barber chair feeling refreshed and at the top of my game.
  • No matter how hard you try to help some people all they are worried about is how much power they think they have and how they can appear to be at the top of the food chain. And those people aren’t worth helping.

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