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Saturday evening edition

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They are working together. They being my wife and son. I’ve figured it out. My Son asked last week if we could watch his dog at our house when they went out for the day and overnight. Sure no problem. Then a day or two before they changed to “were not staying overnight so could you come up and just let her out.” This disguised the fact that we were now going up to Perry Hall and yes near the White Marsh Mall and The Avenue.

060A trip to the White Marsh area of Maryland for the dreaded shopping experience. I could tell by the lint in her voice when she said to me this morning, “we will be right there, we could walk around the Avenue and maybe get a bite to eat.” Immediately going for one of my many weak spots, this time being food.

But I’m wise and I caught that ploy and didn’t respond immediately. Well actually for hours now but it will come up again. Most likely on the ride there in the form of “so what would you like to do after taking care of the dog?”

And there we will be. SHOPPING on a Saturday night. Ah  AHH AAAHHHHHHHHH. (in my best Sam Kinison impression). At least I’ll have my cameras with me. And I believe there is a Staples there and I need some paper and ink anyway. And we can eat. After that I’ll fall into a blissful food coma while pretending to walk around shopping.

Then it will be a chess match to see if we can avoid going over to the mall after leaving the Avenue. And no I’m not going to fall for the hundredth and first time “I only need to go in one store and get one thing.” For only when I’m in there and we have wandered in and out of our 5th store do I go looking for the sewing store with the large macrame needles to jab in my eyes and ears.

So the challenge begins.

Well I’m happy to report it was a very good time this afternoon and evening. Nice spot for a casual evening of shops and food. A 5 minute ride from my Son’s home, The Avenue at White Marsh is a nice little strip shopping center. We had a nice meal at the Red Brick Station Restaurant. My wife purchased a dress from The Loft. I avoided the Cold Stone Creamery. And also managed to get my supplies and Staples and didn’t come out with anything extra.

And I tried my best to see what I could do from a shopping experience in terms of photography while my better half was in the stores.

2nd Random Thoughts for Saturday Sept 5th 2015

  • It feels good to finish a project.
  • All I know is all I know.
  • Laughter will get you through a lot. I’m hoping it will get me though the next challenge in my life.
  • I love everything life has given me. Except for one thing.
  • How ones actions are remembered, so shall he be.
  • Hug someone important to you each day. That way you won’t miss anyone when your time is up.
  • Smiling through adversity always makes others wonder what you know and they don’t.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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