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Morning ride in the county, under the clouds


A Saturday morning on a holiday weekend and out before the crack of dawn I go. I’m all excited because the weatherman says its going to be beautiful out. So out I got at 7am and it’s cloudy as hell. But I’m not deterred so I head out to a spot I thought about yesterday because I haven’t been down there in many years.

Brighton Dam Rec area. Photo by Mike Hartley

Brighton Dam Rec area.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So down Ten Oaks road I head to Brighten Dam road. I remember going out there with my Mom a few decades back to look at the azalea’s blooming in the spring.

Well today the lower area of the dam is not accessible. So I walked over the bridge a bit and caught some early morning fishing going on.

And as I stood there I was still in awe of what I just drove past. I now know where the “Have’s” live. The homes in this area are just stunning and huge and every other description you can come up with. On the way down I was passed going the other way by a Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW and other high-end rides. I thought there was something special going on till I saw some of the estates.

Very impressive building and landscaped properties, so if your inclined to take a peek at the affluence in the area take a drive out here. I’m going to make sure I go back when things are in bloom around the dam to get some good color along the water.

Brighton Dam fishing. Photo by Mike Hartley

Brighton Dam fishing.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So I leave this spot and head down Highland road. Just before the intersection at 108 and 216 this little gem caught my eye. I have no idea what it is beside military so I’ve got to go look this up or stop someday and ask some questions on this. And of course Google is your friend and I found a picture below it of in action. Never had seen this type vehicle before today. Being my Dad was a WWII vet I might have to go meet the keeper of this toy.

WW2 troop carrier. Photo by Mike Hartley

WW2 troop carrier.
Photo by Mike Hartley

gde-fon.com1680 × 1050

gde-fon.com1680 × 1050

Just after this shot of the vintage vehicle, I notice the sun trying unsuccessfully to break through the clouds. So I figure if it does Rocky George might be a nice close spot to get a few shots. Plus I needed to take a walk and get some exercise. And while I was enjoying my musical selections, I needed to get up.


So as soon as I’m walking down a short path to the water this guy takes off on the other side. Oh how nice a long lens would be at this time.

No problem, I’ll get it someday and then he will be as sharp and beautiful as some of the other images I see out here. But they are still majestic birds so I had to put this out there anyway.

The water level was low so I walked along the shore line. I’ll take the wooded trail another day when I get my better half to go along with me.

There were few people out this early which was a bit surprising. I guess people were enjoying sleeping in. With the overcast I was beginning to feel like I should have been one of them catching more shut-eye.

That blue heron wasn’t the only one going fishing this fine morning. There was a father/son team I ran into that hadn’t had any luck yet but the youthful enthusiasm wasn’t deterred one bit.

Father Son fishing on a holiday weekend. Photo by Mike Hartley

Father Son fishing on a holiday weekend.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Oh, free photographic tip. Anytime you catch someone launching a boat, take pictures. While most like this one are successful you never know when your going to catch someone taking an unexpected swim or making their SUV into a submarine.

Reflection of canoe Photo by Mike Hartley

Reflection of canoe
Photo by Mike Hartley

So I stay out for 2 1/2 hours hoping the clouds will dissipate and I get maybe 2 minutes worth of sun peaking between clouds. Well when I pull back into my driveway it decides to come out for good. But now its work and chore time so there goes that. No problem, I’ll pick up later today when I have to run some errands.

The thing about photography is taking your hardware with you at all times and being open to seeing things. So I didn’t let the clouds get me down and upon reflecting like the canoe above, it was a great morning.

The weight if its mighty bloom bows as the summer holiday weekend signifies the end of our summer season. Thanks to my neighbors Bruce and Marcie for their wonderful garden.

Sunflower bowing as the final holiday weekend is upon us. Photo by Mike Hartley

Sunflower bowing as the final holiday weekend is upon us.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts for Saturday Sept 5th 2015

  • Is it me or are spiders actually getting larger?
  • This is the first year in memory I didn’t see a Box Turtle.
  • I think I saw the Michael Jordan of fish jumping earlier today, he even switched fins.
  • I get to take care of my grand dog  for a few hours today. Life is good.
  • It’s never too late to start a new career. Never give up on your dreams.
  • You ever notice how doctors always aren’t on the same page?
  • Can you dig it said the hippie, with a shovel said the farmer.
  • I’m getting better at turning work off when I’m done with it. Wish I learned that 30 years ago.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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  1. You went to one of my absolute favorite places here in the county. There are numerous ways to access the reservoir, and my favorite one is up on Triadelphia Mill Rd near TLV farm.

    Large numbers of eagles live up there.

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