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Change of pace

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Had the day off on Friday and I accomplished squat. But I’m cool with that. Got a haircut which always makes me feel better for some reason and we have our Grand Dog for the weekend. Not only that, but I had the bonus of seeing both my children and their spouses which is a measure of happiness that I can’t quantify.  It is so wonderful a reward to see your children forging their own paths in life.

Grandbaby Photo by Mike Hartley

Grand baby
Photo by Mike Hartley

Paisley (our first grandchild) is a handful. I believe she is about 2 years old now. Fun and affectionate but with a mind of her own.

As we were taking care of her I thought about how many people get pets and then off to the pound with them after they realize the responsibility involved. Not to mention the cost also.

Then of course some people can be quite callous with animals and don’t take proper care of them. Lets hope those people don’t continue to get new pets and neglect their care and attention.

For dogs take a lot of attention and care. And the rewards are great for that if your open to them. So while it has been very fun to have her for a few days I’m returning her to the care of her parents.

But please bring her back any time you guys would like to. We love her.

Our GrandDog Photo by Mike Hartley

Our GrandDog
Photo by Mike Hartley

Eyes Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley


I did get a bit of rest for a change of pace and everyone tells me I need to do better at that so the effort begins.  But I find it hard to photograph, write or sculpt when asleep. So I continue to search for that illusive balance between rest and wake.

I guess this is relaxing, at least it looked like that in Ellicott City. Photo by Mike Hartley

I guess this is relaxing, at least it looked like that in Ellicott City.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I was thinking it’s not all about sleeping but relaxing sometimes when awake. The ability to take a quick nap, or just rest the eyes but still be awake but relaxing. I’ve never tried meditation or yoga or other activities that seem to do quite well for some.

But when I do sleep it’s not really the proper place or time or conditions. I have to work to correct all of those, but the job does it’s best each week to make it a very difficult task.

So this week starting on Tuesday I’m going to force myself to get at least 6 hours of sleep a day. That will be a challenge but one I need to adopt now before my current routine shortens my life more than it already has.

I encourage all to get the proper amount of rest. I used to tell people when they said that to me that I would have enough time to rest when I’m 6 feet under. Well that was a stupid thing to say because proper rest can lead to a longer life I believe.


Maryland Home and Garden show. Photo by Mike Hartley

Maryland Home and Garden show.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Was thinking about going to the Maryland Home and Garden show at the fairgrounds but won’t have time to fit that it. Plus plans I had or was thinking about for the house are less important now.

I think this shot is from last years H&G show in the Spring.

Was wondering what the best caption was for this photo? Thought about what this woman was thinking. Maybe “take that stupid hat off before I slap that head off from under it” or maybe “honey, step away from the trees”.

Random Thoughts for Sunday October 18th 2015

  • I need to learn how to turn off my critical personality. Or at this late age learn to accept the things I can’t change.
  • Family and Friends on the weekends give me the strength to get through the rest of the week.
  • I have to find ways to stay focused on being happy.
  • The change of seasons are a wonderful thing. And the mid Atlantic area of the US is a wonderful place to enjoy all of them.
  • Do you ever think about how many more seasons you will see?
  • Well, time to make my winning picks against my Son for NFL football. I make one bet a week and its with him. I find no interest in Fan Duel or Draft Kings and I’m much happier for it. But I can’t deny there are a lot of people who apparently enjoy playing. I just don’t want to see them bitching on TV that they lost their house because their last 3 payments went into football betting losses.


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