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Spread those wings, the weekend is here

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Was just thinking that I have to make good use of the weekend. They are to few and far between. I have my weekend free of doctors and I’m feeling good so its time to get my behind out of the house. Will pay my daughter a visit later. I told my better half I’d treat her to the local ice cream shop sometime. I’d like to take photos being it’s so beautiful out. And the local snowball stand is closing for the winter this coming Monday so I’ll have to stop by and pick up the family one for the off-season either Saturday or Sunday.

Formation in fog. Photo by Mike Hartley

Formation in fog.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Geese and color Photo by Mike Hartley

Geese and color
Photo by Mike Hartley


Being the beltway was a parking lot this morning we came the back way home through Catonsville. The Elementary school day was about to start and all the kids in their costumes were out front getting out of buses and walking from nearby homes. It brought a smile to my face as I saw the kids. I always remember Halloween being quiet fun. We don’t have many kids in the neighborhood so we won’t see too many costumes. I hear there is a costume contest and trick or treat on Main St in EC on Saturday between 3-6pm. Might swing by that to see if anything picture wise pops up.

I heard a great suggestion for a costume this year in this area. I think it was channel 13 this morning. A Blimp followed by 2 fighter pilots. I mean what is scarier. A floating beast with a long tentacle taking out power lines, damaging homes and businesses. And finally being executed by state police with shotguns in plain view of the news camera. How barbaric. That would be a good at a party. Just randomly bump around the room, then at the end of the party, guys come out in trooper uniforms and blow you away.

Well enough senseless rambling. I’ll leave you with an old Halloween shot I like.

Watch your flight path Saturday night.  Photo by Mike Hartley

Watch your flight path Saturday night.
Photo by Mike Hartley


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