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Looking for common ground

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While the animal kingdom appears to be looking for common ground (or any ground this week) we humans seem to be more divided than ever. And I don’t understand it because we are more connected than ever. Were more informed. We’re more educated. We have seen the past failures of wars and hate but seem doomed to repeat them.

Finding some common ground. Photo by Mike Hartley

Finding some common ground on the Turf Valley golf course.
Photo by Mike Hartley

While some are excited about the Trump soundbites or Clinton blah blah blah, I’m disappointed in what little I’ve heard from every candidate to date. I think this age of mass communication has a double edge sword. While giving us all more exposure to their messages it has decrease the actual amount of information you get from any candidate because they are trying to appeal to the masses and don’t or can’t risk alienating people on single issues or statements. So you get this rehearsed speeches that contain very little substance, reveal almost nothing about what they might do with actual or future situations. Well then again the Donald has been pretty clear. BOMB BOMB BOMB I think were his words. Actually I think I left out one BOMB. Or you can substitute Deport for Bomb.

Anyway all the rest of us are doing is having a popularity contest for the most important job in the world. This might be a good process in a beauty pageant or maybe prom king and queen at homecomings but not for President. But its the only one we got now, so the only saving grace is that many more of us could become involved in this process that sometimes sit back and observe from a far.

I’ve always voted. Every time since I’ve been of age. Guess it was a lesson my parents taught me. Also seems like it makes a lot of common sense if I want involvement in how my life is run and affected. Then there were the lessons I learned in grade school about the importance of a free democratic government by the PEOPLE. Then I was shown examples of some people along the way in local, state or federal government that were shining examples of humanity, intelligence, common sense and sacrifice. They could listen, they could compromise for the benefit of the WHOLE. Now we point fingers and try to assign blame.

So our role is to first investigate much deeper about the men and women in this race and look at their histories. Not just what the other side says about them but what they have done, accomplished, shown that makes you think they might have the SKILLS to do the job. What both their supporters and opponents have to say about them and how much of it is factual. Next is to align your school of thought with the candidate that stands and reflects the values and positions you support. Then get your LAZY ASS out the door on Election Day and VOTE.

When only slightly more than 50% of the population votes, very bad things can happen. When we rely on soundbites and crafted messages that lack content or specifics or positions very bad things can happen. When we fail to look deeply at what we think about sending our neighbors or son and daughters into battle, very bad things can happen. When we fail to think about how we go about governing our own future, very bad things can happen.

So make me proud and vote please. If we all do our homework, think about it clearly it will remind me of a quote by the Grail Knight as he said to Indiana Jones in the movie (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) “You have chosen ….. Wisely.

Can’t believe I missed two days posting. I was really disappointed in myself yesterday, till I sat back and thought about my choices. One wasn’t really a choice, with all that snow it was either dig or sit. So I dug and dug. That is time-consuming work with a shovel. But it felt great to do. It made me feel normal again for a bit. And by that I mean getting back to some activities I used to do before I got sick last year. I hope to be able to keep this up through this year and many more ahead.

The second day was due to my better halves birthday. I’m usually pretty good with birthdays but this day I did something more important than I have in the past. I spent TIME with her. I gave her gifts that help us spend time together. I could never make up or get her enough gifts to compensate for all she has done for me. But the gift of time seems to make her happy so I’m going to focus on bettering that part of her life if it makes her happy. Because her and my children’s happiness are paramount to me.

Random Thoughts for Wednesday January 27th 2016

  • I wonder why the Golden State Warriors are defined as changing the NBA game. I guess it has been a very long time since anyone has seen TEAM BASKETBALL. It’s not small ball. It’s the 5 guys on the court playing together to make each better and win. Easy concept but apparently very tough to execute for a lot of teams.
  • It’s a funny thing how Snow Plow drivers are worthless pieces of crap till they come down and clear your street and then they are the most wonderful people in the world.
  • Looks like we will be slip sliding to work on Thursday morning.
  • I’m very disappointed in myself that I haven’t left the world a better place for my children.
  • Wow, too many words in this post. Not enough pictures.


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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

One thought on “Looking for common ground

  1. Mr. Hartley

    I really enjoyed your thoughts concerning the gift of ” TIME ” and how you are going to share this gift. A friend whom always seems to be running late once told me ” TIME ” was not his friend because he always seems to lose track of it. As I get older I value my time more than ever these days, like yourself I am appreciating my TIME with my wife is more and more precious. She too does almost everything for me to make my life simpler. We just returned from a wonderful cruise, and the most enjoyable part was the TIME we enjoyed together without the phone, email, devices, schedules and commitments. I also am looking forward to re-uniting with my brother and some high school buddies from the 70’s. TIME has taken on an entirely new perspective, upon returning from our cruise with my 80 year old Dad, I arrived home to learn that my father in-law had suddenly passed away while I was vacationing. TIME seems to fly by so fast these days. Your thoughts on TIME, and the recent events have helped me see TIME in a new light, Thank You

    Scott Briggs

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