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Water under the bridge, hope, hoops and the melt

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Water under the bridge is normally thought of as something in your background or past. Even the normal understanding of the term according to what I Googled “used to refer to events or situations that are in the past and consequently no longer to be regarded as important or as a source of concern.” says definitively that its going away from you.

Stream at Turf Valley. Photo by Mike Hartley

Stream at Turf Valley.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I like to think of water flowing in both direction under the bridge, from time to time like life does. Which brings up the though of the term “swimming upstream. But that is countered by “catching a wave.” Isn’t life great, it provides us with all these words to capture life’s swings. Trouble is life isn’t a bunch of general phrases. Its real things affecting each of us. Sometime wonderfully, like my last few days and at the same time painful.

It was one of the best two-day swings for me. I got to attend the Maryland win against Iowa in basketball at the X. I felt like a kid again with my Son by my side who had gotten me tickets to this game for Christmas. We had a dinner and time to talk and watched a victory in a huge game. I can now say I was at the first home game at Xfinity with two top ten teams going at it. I’ve been to a good number of Terps games over almost 5 decades. One of my best friends who was also at the game (we met at halftime) has also been going since 1969. It was a great time and I thank you my Son.

The next day I’m fortunate enough to be off on a day my daughter is also off (schools still closed) so we had lunch together with my better half also. She (daughter) and her husband have started the process of looking for their first home and may have found one. It’s the most exciting time, I can tell you that. My Son had done this last year. It’s amazing excitement and at the same time I can see in them the same feelings (fear and elation) we had in purchasing our first house. Just a reminder of when that was, interest rates were 16 1/2 percent. Yes that was SIXTEEN and a HALF Percent. Yeah homes were a bit cheaper but you didn’t earn as much back in the day either. It’s all relative.

Anyway I love watching the wonder and possibilities and planning and back and forth and compromise and calculating and envisioning and then someday with the right house and right time and right feeling they will pull the trigger and make their first home purchase.

OK, I’m on cloud 9. Each of my wonderful children will have homes. That means we now have two bedrooms upstairs that need a makeover, I have one in mind but I’m wondering if my better half has plans for both? Next positive is now we have a place to stay when we get old. (Just Kidding kids on both accounts).

Actually I’m on cloud 9 because they have made their own way in life. Have found their significant other. Have applied themselves professionally. And now on the verge of both being homeowners. But most importantly are healthy and happy through hard work and effort and getting good partners.

Now on those same two days that same water I was basking in, I had several hours of fairly intense pain. But the amazing thing is during those events I was able to feel pretty good for the most part. And even though before and after were tough it wasn’t even a factor in how I viewed these days. Finally, even though I’m in my late 50’s, I’ve wised up enough to know that I’m in control of how I feel about each day. Boy I hope I can remember that lesson now.

Which is a point one of my best friends made recently. Its how we react (or don’t) to things that matters. So here is more great days ahead. And remember all water under the bridge doesn’t have to be forgotten. Its good to learn from sometimes.

The Melt has begun in earnest. Those huge piles are getting rarer and rarer each day now. Even when the many plows and front end loaders that are still out there creating new ones and opening lanes or widening neighborhood streets and courts. So be careful and still exercise some caution till it’s all gone this coming week. Actually that would be something. Not having a snow like that hang around for a month or two at this time of year is very lucky.


Corner of Frederick Road and Rt 40. Photo by Mike Hartley

Corner of Frederick Road and Rt 40.
Photo by Mike Hartley



Random Thoughts for Sunday January 31st 2016

  • Looks like a good day to work on my tan.
  • If you ever had a newspaper route, Sunday mornings your back talks to you. (before adults delivered them in cars, kids on bikes used to). Then again someone who reads this might ask “whats a newspaper?”
  • Before I do another thing I’m going to do what I forgot to do a month ago.
  • It’s OK to have down moments, but never to stay in them.
  • I always start out thinking breakfast is the greatest meal of the day. But then I have to test that theory out on the rest of the meals which isn’t always the healthiest thing.

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