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Loving Friday

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Much accomplished in parts of life. So behind in others. Like proper attention to this blog on the behind side. Good thing this race has lots of starting lines because I’m a long way from finished. Fridays are wonderful. I get to spend them with my better half. I sent her something the other day which I’m sure someone has thought of before but I don’t remember seeing it. I think the thing that triggered the thought was seeing the movie Scarface. Where the blimp goes over with the words “The World is Yours”.  I wrote my better half the following. “The world is mine. You are my world.”

Yeah kind of sappy but I get that way now with people who mean a good bit to me. I’ve been a lot more honest with friends than I ever have in a number of ways. Mostly telling them how important they have been in my life. Where I feel I might have let them down. Reflecting on events and good times. All kinds of things actually.

Flood in the lobby provided this nice reflection. Photo by Mike Hartley

Flood in the lobby provided this nice reflection.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve put off shooting much the last month. And I’ve got to get back to that now because I didn’t have a lot of skills to start with and if you don’t practice than those few abilities might disappear. So despite the sloppy weather I hope to grab some frames the next days and work the tools.

Also going to finish several drafts that I better publish soon before they become obsolete. So this is another comeback pep talk for myself. It was kind of inspired by a friend who has her own company doing a re-evaluation and focus on her own business and what she wanted to do and accomplish. I’m not at that level but it was inspiring to see her doing that again because she was so good at it when we worked together many years ago.

Food Thoughts

Had a great breakfast at Cafe Mezcla in Ellicott City this morning. Wonderful food and people. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Also a great lunch a Bahama Breeze in Towson last weekend.

And as always some of the best ribs in the world. The Corner Stable on York Road.

I’m starting to think I better watch how much I eat out. Nah, the hell with it. Life is short, enjoy a good meal.

Random Thoughts for Friday April 29th 2016

  • I find people who listen are much easier to communicate with.
  • I find it interesting how we live, and don’t learn. Must be the reason the phrase “if you don’t learn from history you’re doomed to repeat it.”
  • I went to a hospital the other day and I wasn’t the guy in the bed. Made me feel good.
  • Funny how some people just have to have it their way because they are in power.

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