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Crossings, Hope and thoughts for a Thursday

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Wow, another work week (the one that pays the bills) in the books. Life is good and I got my legs back under me so to speak. I’ve been burning some time uselessly thinking about the large chunks of my life that I was either to lazy, afraid, intimidated, working or raising a family to express myself and my artistic talent or lack there of.

Gettysburg Train Station Photo by Mike Hartley

Gettysburg Train Station
Photo by Mike Hartley

I wonder if its fair to my family to be working full-time and also doing my own thing trying to write, photograph and create some art from time to time. I wonder if I’ll ever do anything that would merit an income being made from those efforts. I wonder if I should have concentrated my second career after my first in IT work instead of the Arts.

Well I decided to stop wondering and keep going. Why because I find it keeps me mentally challenged to try to write something worthwhile and I feel this exercise helps me think and refine what I might finish writing in my many books I’ve started. I like the feeling that I see more when I pick up may cameras and go shooting. I feel like a young person when I have the video camera out. I feel like Michelangelo when I have the Dremel tool in my hand. I’ve made some changes. I’ve become more relaxed with whom I’ve become and what I would like to become.

Hope is essential in life. Without it nothing good starts. And that word “Starts” is key because if you have hope and don’t act on it, then its more of a dream than something tangible that a base is built on for success.

Hope is what you have for your children to make their own successful path in the world. So you bust your ass to give them more than you had at every point. You try to give them your worldly advice. You protect them. You let them live and learn. And you let them go.

100_1448Hope is what you have as a friend or family member is sick. So you visit them and spend time with them. You get them a creative gift that makes them laugh and smile. Like when a friend of mine was sick in bed at the hospital. A work friend of his brought a tall boy Heineken and some chocolate covered pretzels.

Hope is what you have if you started your business. That it will succeed and you don’t lose your shirt. So you roll up your sleeves and give it your all every day.

Hope is what you have if you’re an artist to get that creative inspiration you need. And it lets you do something that your proud of and that drives the next day because confidence is gained.

Hope is that your marriage last, that you grow and love each other more than the day you exchanged vows. Now talk about taking work.

Hope is that you enjoy each day and survive it.

I found a new tie I like. Might serve as a backup napkin to my beard. Also good in keeping my neck from getting any redder.

New tie Photo by Mike Hartley

New tie
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts for Thursday May 5th 2016

  • I hope my children get as much enjoyment from music as I do. It seems the songs of my youth are standing the test of time. I wonder if their generations will?
  • Stood on the penthouse platform outside with a beautiful view of DC recently. Get ready for some shots from there.
  • Just listened to the CSN Acoustic performance from 1991 in San Francisco and what a treat it was. If you look up the word Harmony in the dictionary it has to have a picture of these guys.
  • I really wish the job of President of the United States would attract the best and brightest. Not Dumb and Dumber.
  • It’s good to go with the flow, but also to know when the time is to swim against it.
  • My wife can make a great fruit cake.
Fruit Cake Photo by Mike Hartley

Fruit Cake
Photo by Mike Hartley

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