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Carefree weekend

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Grand Dog Photo by Mike Hartley

Grand Dog
Photo by Mike Hartley

I love pets. They remind me of the important things in life. Interaction is the first. Especially with a dog but any animal. They love interaction and when I see happiness in people it’s usually involving interaction. The next 3 are pretty equal. Fun, Food and Sleep. I think I’m going to have to work harder at each of these. Thanks for the life lesson Paisley.

Well she goes home tomorrow morning so the house will be quiet again. I’ll be turning around to see if she is following me and she won’t be there.

Charcoal grilling, I love it and the leftovers we are having tonight. Going to fire that sucker up again on Monday regardless of the weather. For its summer and that cooking device is open for business.

Another working holiday. I think I’m doing 6 out of the possible 8 this year. And even double time pay doesn’t make up for it. When I retire from the job that pays the bills that won’t be something that is missed.

Again I didn’t use my weekend well to refine my craft. A better plan must be hatched this week for I need to make progress. But I did do a few things I haven’t done in a year due to some health issues. I managed to cut the yard and do some trimming. Also cleaned decks and some other chores.

So here’s to a productive week ahead, a happy week and a healthy week for all. And if so may you have the look of contentment that this girl does.

So much fun when she visits. We miss her so much when she goes home. Photo by Mike Hartley

So much fun when she visits. We miss her so much when she goes home.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Creative time

I used to look chunks of time to work at projects. I found I wasn’t getting much accomplished. So I adjusted and will just as gladly stop at the computer to jot down a thought or a few paragraphs, maybe another photo or video idea. Maybe step in the workroom and work on a rock etching.

Practice Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

I remembered doing this when I loved to play basketball. I remember running outside and taking a few shots before we had to go somewhere. Maybe 10 minutes after work. Sometimes during lunch breaks. Yes you still do the games. But you refine and hone the skill during those used minutes of the day.

So I think I’ll carve out a few hours each day to focus on some accomplishments even it ifs 10 minutes at a time. Today’s will be doing some work shots around the work building. Also another printer may be on the agenda. I think I’ll gather up all my gift certificates and purchase one this week.


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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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  1. We found a wonderful dog at the local animal shelter, in fact there are so many looking for a loving home it is sad. As much as you and NN enjoy Paisely’s visits maybe a visit to the local shelter for your own dog is just what you need. I enjoy Karma’s company alot, she is great around kids and company. Good Luck

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