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Smart Car parking

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I hope they know each other. Unless one of the features of these cars is the ability to play leapfrog? Grabbed this shot the other day in Annapolis. I see so many things that I just don’t have the time for to stop and shoot each day. Between work and life obligations I have to figure out a way to capture more of life each day.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

Personally I never have taken a liking to the style of these cars. Actually these 2 are the most appealing ones I’ve seen. I wonder how they handle and how much room they have. What the hell, I have my car for the next 10 years at least so I’ll never know. And my friends taste lean towards horsepower and or trucks. But I do applaud the economy part of the cars and their drivers.

Random Thoughts for Monday July 4th 2016

  • Fireworks and low clouds equal disappointment.
  • Holiday weekends are nice, if you’re not working.
  • Hats off to all those that protect our freedom every day.
  • Being I didn’t cook out today I’m going to grill the rest of the week.
  • Work hard, retire while you have your health.

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