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Another attempt

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I have grand plans for more work on my photography this coming weekend. And its a long weekend because I’m going to use some of that one benefit I really love from the job that pays the bills. And that is VACATION. Yeah I’m only taking one day next week but that is a great start. Because this is vacation season and I’ll be using most of mine up in the next 8-12 weeks. No I don’t get that much time but I spread it out over the summer months.

Along Folly Quarter Rd Photo by Mike Hartley

Along Folly Quarter Rd
Photo by Mike Hartley

It was a beautiful day out and that bright sunshine rolled off the small hills in Howard county nicely.

Random Thoughts for Tuesday July 5th 2016

  • I have a goal to publish a Post every day this month. Of course I’ve had this goal for a while now but I’m getting closer. That little insights graph on the stats page is going to be full this month.
  • My next goal is to get better content here.
  • And another goals is to get a more readable design
  • You know people who work closely together and have to count on each other without the normal resources get along much better because they realize it’s a common effort that makes them successful.
  • I’m getting better at dealing with stupidity. Of course I get a lot of first hand experience.

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