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Questionable tree barber

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What a wonderful start to the day on Sunday. Blue skies and nature singing away. Took a long ride and some walking this morning. Good to get out and enjoy the earth. I wish I was doing more to leave it a better place for my kids. I’m still trying. For instance I stopped applying weed and feed and other chemicals to my yard for the most part. Hell, the weeds are green also. I’ll find natural things to use if I want to fight that war again. I also have a car that gets very good mileage and I try to use less A/C but that is a mutual decision we have to come to. The pool is no longer in use so energy to run that pump is no longer needed. I hear tomorrow is a BG&E savings day. I’m going to see how much I can cut the cost of that day.

What kind of haircut is this. Photo by Mike Hartley

What kind of haircut is this.
Photo by Mike Hartley


  • When your time might be limited it makes leaving your loved ones for very short times hard. randomthoughts
  • Vacation is now much more important than it used to be.
  • I noticed that there aren’t a lot of curious people in Columbia.
  • I’m on a mission to find the best Reuben sandwich.
  • Looking forward to celebrating another birthday of one of my children.
  • I must get down to Arlington Cemetery soon and say hello to my parents. I think this week is the time.
  • You know I’m getting tired of dealing with people who think they have all the answers.

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