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Find a sunny spot in the shade

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As I looked at this shot it inspired me to put my hammock back outside. Anything that does that has to be good. And while it was good it was also bad because I didn’t get out and shoot today. No I didn’t spend the day in it. I did a few outdoor chores and washed two cars and polished one. That leaves this evening so I’ll do my best without that wonderful natural light.

I'll have that seat sunny side up. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ll have that seat sunny side up.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m going to be changing my shooting style a bit in the future. I hope it yields some better results. I’m purchasing a tripod Saturday and I hope to be using it. This fly’s in the face of my normal shooting pattern. Just carrying my camera around where I am and snapping away. Yes, that is an addiction I can’t stop but I hope to sprinkle in some thought and a steady base instead of an old mans increasingly shaking digits.

So lets hope that steady mount brings more clarity to the image and having to set it up leads to better composition.


  • randomthoughtsLooks like a rainy start to the fair on Saturday. Maybe I’ll go Sunday when it’s supposed to be nicer. Then again sometime events and poor weather make for some interesting scenes.
  • Isn’t life great when you have a booked schedule.
  • I miss my small town hometown already. Thinking EC
  • I believe I’m in debt to some photographers blogs I’ve been reading. Really insightful stuff from every perspective.
  • So many things I’m not proud of about myself. And so little time to turn it around but each day is a new opportunity.
  • Wonder if I’ll ever purchase a photo editing application?

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