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50+ shades of grey

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Kind of a grey start here in hazard county today. Sorry and old reference to our Howard County. Much has changed. For instance there are a lot fewer of these barns around. Each drive I take seems to leave me with at least one head shake during the journey followed with the words, “where the F did that neighborhood come from” and the lament that we have continued our over development.

Barn along Rt 144. Photo by Mike Hartley

Barn along Rt 144.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Of course that is just a personal opinion. That is a stand I took before Columbia was built. In retrospect some of it has been very good for the county. But part of what made this county so attractive and good to me, is being lost. Its gone from suburb to city. If I was a young man, I’m not so sure this would be my destination for my home. I like the rural neighborhood lifestyle. But the traffic and volume of people here has exceeded my abilities to cope some days.

Getting anywhere is a struggle unless you’re out and about at 3am. And once you get to your destination your going to run into a crowd. I don’t see the local businesses, I see chains and big box stores expanding. This is one of the most prosperous areas in the country but were fraught with issues. Some just convince, others that are very serious and change a communities fabric.

Just like this election, I hope we can get beyond it and learn to work together to solve issues and find common ground.

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