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Looking forward and back.

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It’s always good to know where you’re going and look straight ahead in getting there. It’s also important to remember the journey and how you got to where you are. For there is the only three things that count. Where you are, where you have been and where you are going. And you can only really change one of them so get going.

Where you heading? Photo by Mike Hartley

Where you heading?
Photo by Mike Hartley

I have a very wise friend who says life is about making new memories all the time. And he is right as he often is. Making those connections, events and keeping relationships growing. Not that we don’t spend some time surrounding his bar and remembering old events from time to time but we are much more focused on what were doing with the time ahead of us.

Looking back are you? OK but don't spend your life doing that. Photo by Mike Hartley

Looking back are you? OK but don’t spend your life doing that.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m blessed to have such wise friends. I’m lucky that they have stood beside me for decades. And of course the rocks that make up my foundation, my family. Too bad wisdom is only gained through time and experience. I could really have used a lot of this 4 decades ago. I’ve been trying to share some wisdom with a friend who is struggling. I’m hoping it has some impact. I won’t stop trying because it’s very important now.

Oh, by the way. I don’t own Photoshop or other manipulation software other than what came with my Nikon. So I didn’t turn that ducks head in the photo. He turned on his own to scratch that itch on his back is my guess. But it perfectly illustrated my observation I thought. Well maybe not. Others will be the judge.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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