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Seasonal Windows

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Just thought this would be a good image to start my Friday. For my shutters are open and I feel brightly colored. Yes, even after all that food and football. Even after a family get together that included politics being discussed. I stayed out of it. Even though it’s that dreaded Black Friday shopping day after Thanksgiving.

Well it’s not dreaded by lots of us. Actually its a day of repeating what we did on Thursday with some minor modifications. We eat lots of leftovers instead of fresh out of the oven. We watch College football/basketball and NBA action instead of NFL. We are home and have the houses to ourselves instead of competing for the most comfortable chair with two dozen other people. All we have to do is clean up before our better halves return home late Friday afternoon or evening. Unless we call the guys who are also flying solo because their wives are also out shopping. That is where the trouble begins usually. Because either I’ll be late getting back home or have an insurmountable mess to clean up before she arrives.

And who says I don’t live dangerously.

Have fun shopping today people. Be safe, be patient, be kind. Donate to the red buckets. Resist flipping others the bird while trying to park. And don’t feel like you have to spend the world to make others happy.

Thanksgiving window colors. Photo by Mike Hartley

Thanksgiving window colors.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Observed severalĀ pairs of items in this photo. As well as the holiday colors.

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