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Small Business Saturday

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I’m a big believer in small businesses. I can’t stand the Walmart’s of the world. So today, my better half and I are going to Ellicott City to celebrate the season and stores that have opened. Hope to snap some interesting shots around town.  Purchase some items and help the local economy.

Also hope to get some good hiking in. I need the exercise apparently. I tried to open the fridge this morning and a voice spoke from it saying I had exceeded the number of permitted openings in a 24 hour period and access is denied. I’m glad she at least left off the electric shock option.

Oh and being its Small Business Saturday, it reminds me to post something about a former teacher at Waverly Woods Elementary who is now a small business owner in Sykesville at a shop called Revive and Company. My wife and I we’re visiting that town a few weeks ago and went in this store and the owner Mary Ann Vaccarino and my wife recognized each other.

Mary Ann Vaccarino at Revive and Company. Photo by Mike Hartley

Mary Ann Vaccarino at Revive and Company.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Anyway that is a wonderful store and she seemed very happy in her work. It’s right next to E.W. Becks Pub. And it’s well worth the stop if you want to make your better half happy and even maybe find a few things yourself that are cool if you have daughters to shop for. And it did have a few pieces of furniture that caught my eyes. So to help this small business along I thought today was a good day to finally post about it with a shot I took of a proud small business owner in her shop.

Mary Ann Vaccarino at Revive and Company. Photo by Mike Hartley

Mary Ann Vaccarino at Revive and Company.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Much luck and success to all small business owners in this coming holiday season and into 2017. It’s a monumental struggle and effort that is put in by these people. It is part of the backbone of our society. It is freedom of expression, design, invention and innovation.

I was never happier professionally than when I was my own boss. Of course I was never poorer either during that time. But not every business is successful on its first try or even right away. So hats off to those that keep plugging away at it every day.

Also remember that success isn’t always measured in dollars.

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