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A simple Saturday

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Slow start to the day but plan on finding the gears needed to get my behind in motion. Vacation is about over, the meat of the dreaded season (winter) is in front of us, seems like the possibility of some political turmoil ahead. And while the company that employees me is profitable nothing is certain, you have to make your bones every day. But none of that matters, I have my health and I’m upright, can smile most of the time and think clearly and have found the important things in life.

Italian American Photo by Mike Hartley

Italian American
Photo by Mike Hartley

When I do this blog work, it really doesn’t feel like work. I love it and hope to crank out more and more this coming year. Yeah it’s easy sitting at the computer just rambling on. Taking photographs compared to the physical work a master plumber friend of mine does is nothing in comparison. Yes I spend hours on it a week. Most all of it is spur of the moment. A few minutes here and there squeezed in and out of EVERY day. Yes even the days I forget to post I’m always working on something for this.

I’ve got to find ways to ramp up production and quality. Of course that takes increased effort and more effective processes. Well lets see what the options are. I could get less sleep than I do now but that would be very dangerous and lead to even more incoherent post than I already make. I can’t quit the job that pays the bills. Might even be working a little harder at that with all the changes ahead.

No I think its a few things that could result in some real-time being freed up. The first is to limit the TV time and stay off the couch. Both of which will help me. Next is figure out how to use my travel time more effectively. I’m in a car commuting at least 10 hours a week. No I don’t intend on using a phone or laptop as I’m going down the road. But I could put my video camera on and record the madness that is between my ears.

Next is that I have to get that camera in my hands more. I have to utilize the home studio (yet to be cleared with the boss). And I have to learn that tool better, which will hopefully result in much better images.

  • So far this year I’ve cranked out roughly 300 post. I hope to double that this coming year. And at the same time increase the quality of the post content.
  • Included in those post were 649 of my photos, 13 more from my Mom or Dad and links to 100+ images on my photo site. This was down from last year and that will not happen again. I hope to do well over a 1000 new images here for the coming year.
  • I hope to incorporate more video clips. I’ve got a lot of idea’s for that medium but little to no skills.
  • I’d like to kick out a food review once a week.
  • If I’m fortunate a few trips for scenic photos.
  • I really would like to explore my home area more completely and point out the beauty right outside my door here in Hazard County. oops, that Howard County.
  • I’d like to invest in a large format printer, another lens or body for the shooting and maybe a new workstation. This old laptop is not the optimal tool by far.
  • I hope to write more thoughtful and interesting pieces. Maybe attempt some humor. Because life is much better with laughter.
  • I hope to explore my parents trove of images and history and share some of that for my families pleasure if nothing else.
  • By sharing my goal of helping others more and using this blog to keep me accountable, it keeps me focused on what more I can do.

Holly crap, only a few more hours in 2016. Time to fly, bye. Catch you again before the clock strikes 12 here on the east coast. I’ll explain later why I used this photo.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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