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Hump day thoughts

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Spending time with those you love. Its something you should never be able to get enough of. I know I can’t. Yeah everyone needs their space once in a while, but returning and wanting to spend time with that person or hopefully “those” people are what fuels your life. Yes a successful professional life is rewarding. Yes it can spawn many great friendships and sometime if you’re lucky some of them turn into people you love.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

Marriages can be tough at times and sometimes it gets tough at many points. Mix in challenges of friends you love also and the challenges with some you love create issues with others you love. As I’ve aged, I’ve seen families I thought would be there through thick and thin for each other kind of dissolve and others that were so fractured, broken and dysfunctional have reconnected, mended and have a stronger love now than they ever had when they were a family growing up.

Every relationship goes through changes, its how you work through them or give up. And it’s not me to question anyone about giving up, that is a far to personal thing for anyone but those involved to decide on. And is some cases it’s the best thing. I’m sure my better half and I came close at times to giving up in our history. And I’ll take most of the responsibility for the problems.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

I have trouble keeping a good balance at life. But I’ve grown wiser in the later years of my life. Time is a precious gift and I want to spend it with those I love and that love me. Like family and a group of best friends I love.

Last night when 2 of my best friends came to visit and check on my broken wing, we started laying out plans for our spring fishing venture and many other activities. And when the kids were over and we talked family vacations last weekend. Creating new memories and good times is living good. And then my Mother and Father in-law called and wanted to take me to lunch. Life is great.

Your most important meal of the day is the next one. So says a lot of hungry people.

Yes you are correct, some people just aren’t listening.

I somehow think the problem is we spend more time talking about sports and watching sports talk shows and pre-game shows and post-game shows and fantasy shows, and not enough time figuring out the real issues and problems facing us. But I have to admit I love the distraction in the face of some realities of the world.

Apparently the people who need lawyers are only awake between 3am and 3pm. Or so says TV ads.

Do you wonder what possesses some people to just stop learning?

I’ll be back, there is a bright light in the sky outside, the sky is a different color and it isn’t raining. Something is going on.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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