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Did anyone get the license plate?

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Think I’ll try to resume my exercise plan now that I’m feeling a little better. At least I can confirm with the doctor when I’m getting stitch’s removed tomorrow that I can start some long walks. I need to get walking and hiking again fast. PT will help with use of my arm again and then I can start pushing things more.

I’m looking forward to the walks and exploring again. Still might be a few weeks before I can drive again so I’ll start with my home area. Been meaning to get down and walk the railroad tracks. And Saturday looks like the day for that outside one.

Did someone get the number on that truck? Photo by Mike Hartley

Did someone get the number on that truck?
Photo by Mike Hartley

I have grown frustrated trying to type with one arm. It’s like a block against my free flow of thoughts. And while some of you may think finally at last, fewer words and more images, I decide to power through and try to write as best I can. Sorry.

I’m at peace with myself. But that doesn’t mean others are at peace with me.

Go Terps.

Time to inspect the inside of my eyelids.

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