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Morning Tea

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Tea on a cool morning. Photo by Mike Hartley

Tea on a cool morning.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Started to feel that physical therapy this morning. It was around 2am I believe. It is helping, it’s just the process. So made the use of the time to get back to work.  Hopefully some shooting time today that I can then fill post with in the evening along with some more random thoughts.


Photo by Mike Hartley

I start back to work this coming Monday. And the shot to the left is how I first felt about the thought of returning to work. Has been a nice 2 weeks off but it went so fast and as I evaluate it, I didn’t make the best use of the time. But I did accomplish some goals so I’m happy. It will be good to see my teammates at the job. It will be good to start again relaxed and focused.

There are probably a thousand emails waiting deletion or replies. I’m sure the politics haven’t changed. I’m sure I’ll still hate the drive. But I’ll still be glad to be back.

I like that my job keeps my mind sharp and revved up. Yeah it gets tiring sometimes but I feel it’s a good thing to keep the aging progress at bay.

Plus I need a few more years to get the bills paid and then I’ll think about changes maybe. Circumstances are always changing so I may never retire but it is something that I don’t dread at all.

There are few things better in life than getting a note from a best friend saying “what a night, and thanks.”  And I felt the same way and I’m sure the other friend who was with us felt the same way.

Salutations to those of you fighting illness. I don’t wake a day without being thankful that I’m healthy. I’m trying not to waste a minute of life and do things you wished you could if not in a hospital or recovering at home. Appreciation of health is a wonderful gift. It can come at a price though. But as with most tough things in life it’s usually worth it.

Do the winds that blow now seem stronger than the past? Really I’m talking about the weather here. In these times its good to clarify.

A friend of mine lost his father this week. I say friend because he has been my partner/co-worker for over a year now and despite our age difference (almost 35 years) I have grown to like and respect this young man. He reminds me of myself in some ways. Forced to grow up and mature early in life. I hope that maturity helps him move beyond this, but you never forget losing a parent. I know he is a family person and will make sure his mother is taken care of. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

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