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Even color coordinated

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Finally picked up a new tool for the photography part of this process. I purchased a tripod today so you won’t have to look at unsteady images much longer. Been saving up gift cards for a few years and pulled the trigger today. Spent a little more than I had intended in hopes that it will last through a lot of future use. Oh yeah the joke in the title of the post “even color coordinated” is a line I used at the store saying that it matched the colors of my car (red & black) like that was what mattered. It didn’t but its nice.

By no means am I trashing the old tried and true 60-year-old Davidson Star D tripod. That is a family hand me down from my parents. And even though its loaded with limitations it’s still functional.

Next on the agenda is a larger format color printer. Wonder how many years of gift cards that one will take. Hey, one thing at a time. I have a smile a mile wide with this addition.

Casual is the way I would describe how my better half likes to celebrate her birthday. She gleams when her parents call at the time she was born. Thank goodness it isn’t in the middle of the night. She gleams when her children give her those extra long hugs and kisses. She gleams on the way to a nice dinner. She gleams at the calls and text from co-workers and friends and family.

She takes off work on her birthdays like I do. We spend the day and evening together. Most of the time it’s loosely planned. But we both like a casual birthday for the most part. And even though we have some milestone birthdays coming up I don’t think either of us want a party.

You know the weather extremes don’t even seem to affect her. There can be rain or a sunny day, and she is just happy.  Well last years blizzard was an exception. It’s a day that I see her relax finally. Well not really she is still messing with some laundry. But she does let herself enjoy the day I feel. And I’m very glad of that because she works so hard the rest of the year taking care of the family and a demanding job. Both of which can be full-time gigs.

I just look for that smile before she goes to sleep to make sure its been a day she had enjoyed.

Time to go play for a bit. Have a good evening all.

Thanks for the toy grandma. Photo by Mike Hartley

Thanks for the toy grandma.
Photo by Mike Hartley

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