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Come sail away

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Pick a number, any number. Sorry don’t know exactly where I’m going with this post. Just glad to be shooting again and having something new to share with the masses. Well at least a few friends, family and followers. I might have to put sailing on the bucket list. Never done it. An old DJ once said “I’m more of a power boating man. The kind when you start your engines that the whole Middle East stands and applauds.”

Come sail away
Photo by Mike Hartley

Not that I’ve ever owned a power boat. Friends have and its a blast. Of course maintaining them and getting the use out of them is another thing. Sort of like a pool. Well, being I no longer have a pool to open in the spring that free’s up some valuable time. But watching a family video of us enjoying it was special and made all the hard work worth it.

Now the kids are grown and it needs a ton of work, so its going to be filled in this year. Wow, there is another expense but such is life. Hope to make a nice patio area out of it, maybe a fire pit, still have some nice furniture from the pool days. I like tiki lamps also. Oh, outdoor bar, not much use to me but my friends would love it. Who knows, possibilities are endless.

I consider the dishwasher, cabinet space.

No person who owns a convertible ever wondered if the mileage was better or worse with the top down.

Now its a race to enjoy the weekend.

I must go find some Easter candy for my favorite egg.

Hey, is it me or are we almost half way through April?

Sorry I missed sharing yesterday.

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