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I’m feeling good about this week in some ways and others I’m very stressed about. But that is another post. Today I’m excited to keep the streak going of posting some new shots and thoughts. And today’s thoughts drift towards this coming weekend. It marks another year of my Mom’s passing and of course Memorial Day where I think and respect my families service. So a trip to Arlington is on the agenda for Sunday morning.

This is a period of time I usually try not to much to think about. There was a 12 day period where my Mom was in hospice that was gut wrenching. I never will forget that even though I remember many good times, much more often.

I think I’ll spend a few hours they’re doing some shooting after my visit. I’m also going to do some walking this weekend around the railroad tracks trail near my home for some nature shots. I’ve done enough building/city for a little bit.

The Block
Photo by Mike Hartley

Life is lived one blood test to the next.

It’s what you do that counts each day.

Fun is taking things off your to do list. Well not really but it does feel good.

I think I slept 5 hours in a row. Can’t remember doing that in some time. Of course staying up 26 hours straight helps make that easy.

Do you remember? No.

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