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Shadows and Stripes

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Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood on Friday. Busy pet sitting yesterday. Sounds simple to you realize you spent the day playing, walking and laying with the dog. What a great day it was. Spent a few minutes discovering some more treasures in the package of some old slides of the area and my parents. Today is packed with fun and chores so I should get to them.

Shadows and stripes.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I think its time to take my main camera body in for a cleaning/tune up. Going to try Service Photo in Baltimore where I got it from. Hope I can keep from buying another toy I can’t afford. Then again, it’s not really a toy. I get a ton of use out of equipment. Always have and always will. I hate that society has become such a throw away culture. That’s why we have a garbage problem. Hell, if we stuck with washing out bottles and reusing them, we wouldn’t have floating islands in our oceans of plastic or full landfills.

My mower is 20 years old. Most of my cars hit 200K. I try to take care of things and fix them when they break. But that is getting harder and harder to do. Gone are the days where appliances last 25-40 years. Just about everything is disposable. Especially technology. Interesting how fast that thought process shifted. Only took a generation.

Well off to the days fun and relaxation.

Random Thoughts

Some people are even beautiful when they sleep.

We can probably relax about a nuclear war with Korea at least for a few day while he is in that region.

Only 19 days till Turkey day. I should start my eating exercises.

I’ve saved a day or two of vacation for my emergency shopping missions next month.

I’ve realized as I age my body talks to me more than ever. It has a habit of reminding me of my past transgressions towards it.

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