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Its good to find the road less traveled

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Blessed that I have some roads near me like this. I forget once in a while to just turn down these back roads of Howard County and enjoy the streams and trees and wildlife. Trouble is there are far less of them and the ones that still are there you find developments going up all the time. Such is life is a booming county.

Been booming for many decades now which has created a host of other issues. But I still find it one of the most beautiful places around and I’ll continue to call it home for now and in the future is my guess.

Where going up hill is enjoyable.
Photo by Mike Hartley

After today’s washout I hope we are blessed with some sunshine on Hump Day. I know I need it. I know I want it. And with high temps in the low 40’s on Friday and Saturday I’m thinking my outside time on those days will be limited.

Lets see some of this tomorrow morning.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts

I don’t like the way the Yankees have handled their manager transition. I think they disrespected someone who deserved much more.

I love to dream of not working for someone else but having enough money to survive and work for myself and people who could use the help.

I’m reminded how much I thought I knew it all in my 20’s – 40’s as I listen to a number of youngsters on a conference call. And I smile now knowing how much I didn’t know then that I do now.

I’m inspired by young people.

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