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Lets get cooking

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Well, the weekend is almost upon me. And the time to cook appears again. No I’m no chef or master grill specialist, but I do enjoy making some things in the kitchen and on the grill. But what I hope to get cooking on is my work. I’m going to start out by spending part of Thursday getting my office space set up to do some studio work. Then that evening I’m going to see a photo exhibit by an old photographer I used to work with at the Stromberg and Patuxent publishing chain of papers.

I can’t resist. Photo by Mike Hartley

I guess if I ever want to accomplish something like that I should get out and see how they are done and start to cultivate some ideas for myself. I’m going to start tracking hours I’m spending on my craft and work on maximizing it and increasing it.

The theme for Friday will be COLD. I’m going to force myself to go out in the cold. Its suppose to be a sunny day but brutally cold for this time of year like 38 for a high and 20 for a low. I’ll see how many frames I can get without a drastic shaking from being cold myself. Guess I should get the tripod out.

Who knows what Saturday and Sunday holds.

Random Thoughts

Has it really been a year? It kind of feels like 10.

I can’t really be this old.

I can never work out the time to work out.

Resist the urge to get angry says logic. Damn that logic.

From what I read I’m not impressed with this version of tax relief. Not at all.

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