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Excuse me, coming through

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I see it’s not just on the highway people are tailgating and passing without looking. Such is life, lets hope we can stay out-of-the-way of those without skills or conscious. Don’t mean to start off on a negative wave to begin a sunny day, just ran across an old image I hadn’t used here yet. And of course I can’t let something go by without a corny caption or title.

Excuse me, coming through.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Plus it reminded me of a few drivers this morning who were practicing the art of tailgating. Such is life. Good thing I believe in karma. I’m trying to teach myself to relax more every day. To not let those transgressions reach me deeply. To let them run of the emotion scale. Hopefully it will help reduce stress. But then again this new tax plan is starting to stress me out. Being done to fast and too quickly to get a grip on what it means for my family.

It’s starting to sound like something long ago called trickle down and to my recollection the only thing running down my back was someone relieving themselves. I guess were going to give it a second try. Hey, if it works you everybody wins. If it doesn’t, there is another match in the fire this country is becoming, a few haves and many have not’s. I had so wished to leave my children a much better world than we find ourselves in. Well we need to each help it along each day so my search for something positive today begins.

And there it was in my mailbox reminding me to donate to the American Cancer Society. So I did. Was overdue anyway. Had been almost a year since my last donation to them. So lets see what else I can find today to help along.

Random Thoughts

Why does a haircut always make me feel younger.

I really uncomfortable in the time between test and test results.

In some ways I feel like I take more risk now then I did when I was younger. Boy my memory must be getting bad.

Can you believe, never mind the daily news cycle isn’t finished yet.

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