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Who left the gate open to winter

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I’d like to know who’s responsible for inviting winter in. Certainly is chilly outside this evening. No snow but I know its coming sometime in the future and that is something I’d like to avoid. But as they say it comes with the territory. Sorry I missed doing a post yesterday. Went the Maryland basketball game with my Son. Was a great time. We both love us some college basketball and Maryland is fun to watch.

Who left the gate open to Winter?
Photo by Mike Hartley

Haven’t been feeling that healthy lately. Good thing I got a physical coming up in a few weeks. Also got some pending test results on my mind. Will get those answers tomorrow. Funny how those things can dominate thoughts no matter how much you just try to move on each day.

Well, still have a full work week ahead. Most have a holiday. Yes we get holiday pay but we also work holidays. Just part of the job with daily newspapers. I won’t miss that fact when I retire from this business. Getting weekends and holidays back in my life will be a nice change.

Random Thoughts

Funny how life can be so full of twist and turns. Must be why I bought that sports car.

I’m going to eat at my lucky diner tomorrow after my appointment, I hope.

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