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Barefoot pause

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One of the things I enjoy doing once the warm weather is upon us is shedding the socks and shoes and going barefoot. Formal attire becomes flip-flops. Well by the looks of my front porch and sidewalk that will be on pause for a bit. I’ve got a cicada convention and it’s just starting. When I mow on Friday I might have more shells and cicada chopped than grass. Yuck indeed.

And it won’t be long till the noise starts. I believe I’ve seen figures of 100 decibels or more. That is friggin loud. Bet it still won’t drown out those roosters in the neighborhood.

Music is the cure. Well, at least it still works for me sometimes. I got to blow the dust off the speakers a bit today because the home was mine. There are times that I miss that but I’m far more glad to have the company. But it’s still nice to be able to cut loose.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Even small levels of power can go to people’s heads and be used for cruel purposes.
  • The 17-year cicada flock is here. This is the first time I’ve had the thought of wondering if I will see them again.
  • Time to explore the county tomorrow. This reminds me I better charge the camera batteries. I have a few projects in mind.
  • We live in a very dangerous world where you could hold up a stop sign and people would argue if it was red or not.

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