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A call

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It was 10 years ago today that I got a call. It was from my Mothers assisted living facility. Not unusual, I’ve been getting calls and updates from them for years. But I could tell the seriousness right away. I was in the car on the way home from work on a beautiful sunny May afternoon and the woman said my Mom wasn’t responding. They tried to stir her and weren’t successful and that she was alive but on her way to the emergency room at our local hospital.

I was very familiar with the emergency room from previous visits but I wasn’t prepared for this. She had a major stroke and was alive but gone. After a few days, the doctors said there wasn’t anything to do and released her to hospice care for another week and a half before she passed. That is a tough memory to let go of because of the time spent with her in those final days. There were so many good times to remember and here I have this vivid memory of those last days.

I was a son who was raised by his mother. We were close. I still look at her picture every day and pause. We all miss so many things in life when our parents are gone. And I’ve learned that time doesn’t much dull the loss. It does allow though for more positive memories. And I keep those throughout the year. And now I have a granddaughter to pass along her many great qualities to. But days like today and later this month are still gut-wrenching at various times of the day. So to all those without parents any longer, may your day be a good one filled with good memories.

Mom. Photo by Mike Hartley

The workroom restoration is successfully under way which is a great sign for my craft work. I finally created a sufficient workspace for some of my Dremel and Engraving tool work. So instead of working on a pile of crap and around a gazillion things I’ve left scattered about from home projects, I picked up, organized and trashed enough to even impress my better half when I showed her.

I find I like cleaning periodically because it always spurs new energy and inspiration. Lots of times because I see an idea I started or half finished project that I end up rethinking and making better. I see new opportunities and now I can move forward.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’m so looking forward to test driving my new mattress and box spring in about 7 hours.
  • Congrats to my neighbor who pretty much shut down the Yankees today and got the win.
  • If I keep working this hard I might impress myself.
  • NBA playoff time this week. Love me some TNT crew. And for a change of pace the Wizards are in the dance.
  • Some people need incentive, and I’m just the guy to provide it. Well at least in the case of someone who has failed to act in a timely.
  • I’m wondering if I’m one of those people who can sculpt with a chainsaw. I have one and lots of wood to test it on?

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