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Storm Away

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I look at my home and it’s intact. The yard is a little bit of a mess but nothing a day of work won’t resolve. And I shake my head at the luck we had from this storm. Wind and lots of rain but no flooding and no tornados. But as the pictures around the country attest to the extensive damage in many states.

Flooded Main Street Ellicott City from Agnes in 1975. Photo by Mike Hartley

People’s lives changed forever. And at the best some huge disruptions to the whole Gulf to the Northeast. Not to minimize the fires the West is dealing with but the roads, bridges, and rail lines that will need repair are not just going to take days and weeks but months and maybe years closer to where the storm initially hit. The need is so great and the damage so extensive that I wonder if it will change people’s minds on where to live or climate change.

The death toll also keeps rising from this storm and many are missing. It seems like far too many have nobody to look out for them when emergencies arise. Mainly seniors but lots of single-parent families also.

It’s going to have a ripple effect soon. Gas prices will certainly rise. Supply chain disruptions are certainly in order and basics like power and water may be affected for some time for many areas. So being on the lucky side of the storm I think I’ll make a contribution to those who help those in need. May I suggest the same if you have been lucky also?

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I can’t believe the Columbia Mall is going to be 50 years old Saturday.
  • I never thought much before about states I wouldn’t visit before, but now I certainly do.
  • Sorry I was away for a few days. I was doing prep and recover from the weather. Oh and the job that pays the bills was unusually busy. And that is all the excuses I need. But I’m glad to be back and hope to crank out some posts this weekend.

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