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Had a checkup with my orthopedic doctors today. They said the shoulder was good again. I put it to the test on the way there and when I got there. I used to be able to put my top down and up with my right arm only and that was accomplished without any pain.

Guns a the ready Capt. Photo by Mike Hartley

So I guess you could say I’m Armed and Ready. It’s been a long time since having two working shoulders. I believe I’m going to get out to the driveway hoop tomorrow and see how the form on the jumper is. I can’t wait to get lost in thought with a basketball and hoop. To just go through a few drills, slowly working around the court, extending the range shot by shot. Been a long time since being able to lift my arms above the shoulders but my full range of motion has returned. So this will be a special treat.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It’s not a prerequisite to have a big belly to eat at Big Belly Deli but it doesn’t appear too many big bellies pass it by.
  • It’s nice to have hair to have the wind blow through. But when I got home it reminded me a few of them need trimming.
  • Some appointments are fun, others not so much.
  • I almost washed my car today till I heard mother nature is going to do it for me tomorrow.
  • I’m blessed with a very supportive family. If I’m successful at anything it’s with their belief.

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