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We all do it. Jugling all those balls in the air at the same time. Some of us paniced at the thought of dropping one and others challenged by it and asking for another one to add to the air. The photo below somehow put the thought of multitasking in my head when I started to look for today’s topic.

Some of us multitask to our great advantage or driven by possible great need and great things come from it. Others multitasking becomes this great burden and sometimes great depression because we can’t do it all like we hoped or by some measure of what we see others doing.

Ready to roll on the floor playing with your children with all the toys on the left and on the other side ready to take your leg off if you mess with the cash and gold. True multitasking. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve always been pretty good at multitasking. Mostly out of need. My better half is even better. In some ways multitasking is living. Long ago I had this idea about my senior years and retirement. You know, kicking back, maybe getting a good nights sleep, have some breakfast, hit the deck and report to the hammock. But now that its almost here my vision of it is changed.

This thing called grandchildren and its joys have descended upon us. My better half who is retired is just as busy as she was when working. I can’t describe how lucky I feel to have our children and grandchildren still in driving distance and be part of their lives. And aid them because they are certainly multitasking with careers and parenting.

To me, grandchildren are my surprise retirement bonus. I can’t believe how much joy they have added to my life. And by that fact they probably are helping me live longer. Be it busier than I was thinking.

But back to multitasking. The trick is to know your own act. How many things can you effectively keep balanced without dropping most of them or all. We would all much rather see someone juggle 5 balls successfully and maybe a trick once in a while with them. We don’t want to watch someone get 8 balls in the air and continuously drop them after only a few seconds of success.

I’m not saying don’t shoot for 8 if you can but know what your effective range is. Not knowing my own range or striving for too much at times has been an issue for me. It lead to many times not enjoying the journey because I was too frustrated on what I was dropping and not focused on successes. Lots of times I got unbalanced in terms of energy I was devoting to tasks. I would expend too much at the job and not have the needed reserves for other and more important tasks.

It’s a constant adjustment in life. For the first time I’ve had to admit that I can’t do some task, physical things I used to. And it still pisses me off because I’m only in my mid 60’s. It’s not that I don’t have the energy. Or the drive to do some things. It’s just that it gets too risky with age.

I’m beginning to get my range in regards to balancing life which is employing multitasking. I focus on the priorities but add a lot to the mix. Like my hobbies which laid dormant for years or decades in some cases. And knowing that range of abilities has been a key to being happier.

At times in life and the number of tasks seems totally out of your control. And at times it may be. People in caregiver roles. Single parents and many others things people face in life demand multitasking sometimes to the detriment of your life for a period of time. And having survived a few trials along the way myself I know that it was very hard, it was doing what was needed at the time. And that I always wished I had been able to do more in retrospect but also very happy that I did all I did.

So best of luck to you all as you run around tending to the dozens, hundreds of tasks you balance in the air.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I have never had a McRib sandwich from Micky D’s and I love ribs. And no matter how many times they bring it back, it won’t make a difference, I’m not buying it.
  • Typically I don’t celebrate New Years. Mostly because I’m working.
  • Make work fun. If you can’t find someplace you can.
  • I’m feeling creative and I think I’ll put that feeling to use this evening.

Author: Mike Hartley

With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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