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If there ever was a weekend to try to get some cold weather shots this is the time. Though stepping outside a few hours ago was enough to deter that idea knowing it was only getting colder yet. I wonder if all those inflatable Xmas decorations are still anchored down?

The calm this morning contrasted with the train of winds coming through the rest of the day. I hope we can keep our power on and the trees in our yard stay vertical. In some ways, we are prepared for bad weather, and in other ways, I’m not. And it’s time to correct that with an alternate power supply.

I spoke too soon. Just lost the first tree of the storm in the afternoon. One I was planning on taking out next year because he had some dead in it. Guess it was a little further along. Just glad it didn’t fall toward the house or power lines. Something to take care of when it warms up next weekend.

Chop Chop time. Photo by Mike Hartley

And if a downed tree is the most of my troubles from this storm, I’m okay with that. Others are dealing with far worse. I’m going to try to ignore that howling wind outside, finish decorating the basement tree and clean up the basement because we have company coming.

I was young and kind of poor and had a car where the heater failed. I knew I was getting rid of the car in early summer so I made due. Seeing a frozen windshield always makes me think of those few months. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • And here I thought I knew what cold was.
  • I figure it will take me all night to work up the courage to go outside tomorrow.
  • I wanted to make myself feel better so I looked at the Power Outage map for BG&E and I see many around me without power. So I’m feeling fortunate right now. Let’s hope I can keep that feeling going.
  • I’m guessing this cold is going to test how strong our car batteries are.

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