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A better seat

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I’m trying to be more generous with my resources. Not everything is helping by just giving money to it. Time is sometimes much more valuable. I have about 2 weeks to prepare to help someone make some very important life decisions. I’ve been working on it for several hours so far. Sometimes passing along some wisdom and experience is more valuable. I hope it leads to a better seat in life for them.

Make the seat you take a good one. Photo by Mike Hartley

But I’m also prepared for failure. Not everyone had heeded my advice before and some will pass on it in the future. I’m not saying I’m some guru but some things are easy to call and predict. I’ve predicted a few train wrecks before (people screwing up their future) and tried to help them but they knew better. Unfortunately, their seat isn’t in the location they had thought.

Sometimes life has limited seating. Photo by Mike Hartley

The hand of discipline. Drinking water doesn’t provide me the enjoyment that drinking a Coke does. I’m learning mind over matter when going to the fridge to decide between the two. That hand extends into the fridge to make that easy reach to the top shelf and the Cokes but discipline tells the hand to go to the bottom shelf and a bottle of water. I can’t remember drinking this much water since I was young enough when we drank water out of the outside hose.

People tell me I’ll feel better drinking water instead of soda. Well, I’m waiting.

We just went outside. Talk to the hand. Photo by Mike Hartley

I remember writing sometime this week that I was glad to see all the birds again. I spoke way too soon. I know they like shiny cars come on guys, I must have had at least a half dozen hits like this when I went out earlier. I’ve never had a home with a garage. Looks like I’ll get the hose out to start the season. We should be beyond any freezes again.

Hey, I take credit for the good pictures. I guess I’ll have to take credit for the crappy ones also. Photo by Mike Hartley

Well now, I can’t end a post on an unappetizing photo like that, can I? Treats for tomorrow morning. I hope everyone has a sweet day.

I’ll be eating the Boston Creme one in the upper right. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Families that can get through trying times are strong families.
  • Will this be another failed season of me aspiring toward the Summer Bod? Actually, I’m lighter now than I’ve been in a while so I might stand a chance of avoiding people wanting to roll me back into the surf while I’m just trying to catch some rays on the beach.
  • I feel sorry for people, who believe that people who donate to charities are saps.
  • When you get a random hug from your granddaughter and you ask her what was that for and the answer is “because”, it kind of makes your week.
  • I think I’ll do an early morning post tomorrow and get one ready for Sunday on a schedule in case we lose power with the predicted weather. I like keeping that daily streak going.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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