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The wash

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Fired up the new powerwasher today. Hell yeah, that little toy will bring a sparkle back to the old estate. First time using one so learning the techniques. Did the front sidewalk and that is looking better than the day we moved in. Of course, it wasn’t new then either.

This is not a power washer despite the cord. Photo by Mike Hartley

Tomorrow I’ll attack the upper deck. I won’t go on with the rest of the list but it’s long and going to be a little time-consuming but a hell of a lot easier than alternative methods.

Now this pet used to be a power washer. Photo by Mike Hartley


Bring on the heat. I’m more than ready for it. And it’s my turn in this household to celebrate the joy of my season and for my better half to grumble through the next 5 months about it being too hot. That confidence you hear in my voice is bolstered by the seasonal maintenance we had on our A/C unit today and the tech said all is good again. As I said, bring on the heat.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • If nobody told you there is actually a limited number of Happy Hours. So don’t miss attending them.
  • With age comes lotion.
  • Keeping commitments you make to yourself feels pretty good.
  • Keeping commitments you make to others is exhausting.
  • Cooking is a lot of fun. Eating is a lot more fun.

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