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Friday fun

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Trying to focus on production today. Got a decent start this morning with a few more prints made, batteries charging, and lenses cleaned and packed along with some office cleaning. I look out the door and clouds fill the sky. I step out 20 minutes later and rains. No nice sunny day like below.

A picnic lunch in St. Michaels Maryland. Photo by Mike Hartley

That’s okay because there is no shortage of things to do and opportunities to fill.

Show Your Appreciation

In preparation for Veterans Day tomorrow, here is a link and list from Charity Navigator of great Veterans organizations you can donate to. Don’t miss the 3 tabs at the top. The first list is for Military Families, the second for Military Social Services, and the last for Wounded Troops Services.

I chose an organization this year called Operation Second Chance. Something I wish was around when my father left the service.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Advice is free, decisions are costly.
  • An early winter chill is in the air today.
  • Hard to find happiness if you’re looking in the wrong places.
  • I need to hit the hardware store.
  • I took the snow shovels out of the shed yesterday. It made my back twinge.
  • I wonder when I retire if I’ll start looking at this house differently. Like all the things that need doing?

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