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It’s Time

Wishing all a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas on this Xmas eve. It’s time to stop thinking of presents and feast and family and friends for just a few minutes today. There will be time for that tomorrow. If nothing else, pause and thank your lucky stars that you are not in Ukraine or any other country in conflict. Be thankful for that wonderful meal when so many will be hungry. Look at that roof over your head and be thankful it’s not a tent in these cold temps. Look around while you’re standing and be thankful you’re not in the hospital or rehab or flat in your own bed sick.

Look at the happiness of people who have so little but still appreciate every little thing in such a special way. So if you have the resources I hope you have it within you to share a little or even share again because I know a lot of you already have. If you’re new to it and want to make sure it’s going to a good organization the Charity Navigator site is a good place to start.

I love the lights of the season. Photo by Mike Hartley

I noticed that the Red Cross was having its usual winter issues with blood shortages because of the weather and everyone being so busy. One of my best friends is a donor. A secret he kept from us for many years. He is also very generous and supports many good organizations. I can’t give blood to them but I did make a donation yesterday.

What I get done today is what I get done. Long gone are the days I used to beat myself up endlessly about getting the right gifts, having the right decorations, the right tree, the right clothes on, and the right plans. It doesn’t mean I still don’t try hard, it’s just that I’m satisfied with whatever effort I’ve made and I relax and enjoy the holiday.

I guess that being finally able to relax is one of the benefits of wisdom. Having the right gift for your girlfriend and future wife and then the right gifts for her all those years. And yes I’ve missed the mark on a few but I’ve got a pretty good batting average. Then the right gifts for the children. Truth be told my better half does most of that but I get involved also. The right gifts for family and friends. It was pressure instead of the fun it always was meant to be. And that pressure was self-imposed but also somewhat external also.

You always want to do special things for those you love the most. And when you see those with more means I used to think it would be nice to do so much more. But when you’re with the right people, any gift you give is a special gift. Because it’s you they appreciate.

Gone are the days of making our parents smile with nice gifts. They have been replaced by making our grandchildren smile. So much has changed with the holidays within the last decade for our family. Time rolls on so quickly. And replaced was a bad term because nobody replaces your parents.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • No matter how old you are it’s OK to feel the excitement you used to as a child today. Though if you are older you may have that feeling more for the young ones you will see opening your gifts tomorrow.
  • At least I’ll have no shortage of snacks from home to select from as I work Christmas night.
  • I look back fondly on the days when the company would prepare us Turkey dinners with fixings on Thanksgiving and Xmas for those of us who worked. Lots have changed since then.
  • I know exactly the reasons people want to be police officers. At that same time, I understand why each one of them probably questions themselves about that decision often. To the ones that continue to make a great impact on people’s lives and protect us from those who don’t value life, I say thanks and Merry Christmas.
  • This coming year is when I start making more personal gifts for those close to me.