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Turned their backs

These two may have turned their backs on us but let’s not turn our backs on each other. I’m feeling the need to contribute again. I did the food bank earlier this month and I see the reminder emails from the various cancer orgs I’ve supported.

Some are just shy about having their picture taken. Photo by Mike Hartley

I think this coming year I’ll do some of my contributions in person. Without a full-time job, I believe I’ll have the hours to help somewhere. Having the desire to contribute is good, having the time free to do it has always been an issue.

Been an active day already. Grilled out lunch for the better half and granddaughter. Introduced her to roasted marshmallows. That was a hit.

And now she is off to sleep and so am I after a long week.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I think today is going to be the last one with the top down on the convertible for a while.
  • The line between very tired and asleep is so razor-thin right now the only thing preventing my head from hitting the keyboard is the hands still typing on it.
  • There are all the languages of the world and then there is Sales Speak.
  • It’s one of those nights where sleep outweighs hunger.