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Let’s get cooking, a new identity

Almost time to start my culinary pursuits. My better half has been graciously cooking for decades and it’s time I do more of that when I’m retired. Plus I enjoy cooking, almost as much as I enjoy making art for people. And in many ways, cooking is an art.

I need to work on my food photography. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve been collecting various recipes and videos in preparation to try my hands at a challenge I’ve only skirted the edges of. I’m fairly adept at the grill and I have a few dishes but I greatly need to expand my menu. I really enjoy making things people like, be it a meal or an image. Who knows, I worked a few kitchens in my youth so maybe a chef’s hat is in my future.

Someday soon the identity of being a lifer in the Newspaper industry will quickly fade and I’ll be looking at a blank slate. Well, truth be told the slate does have some writing on it. Those slates have some old dreams and wishes, as well as new ones.

There is an itch that needs scratching, a vision of a fun journey, a long-caged creative animal waiting to be released. Time to spend portions of every day just capturing its beauty and action. And spending other parts just creating from scratch from a vision in my mind. Learning to work with words. Learning the intricacies of carving/etching. Learning the photographic tools I have and developing my own styles and techniques. Rediscovering pastels, charcoal, and paint to see which evolves as my favorite medium.

Being a grandfather I want to share skills and possibilities with my grandchildren. Every time my granddaughter is here we are in the art room. I’ve worked with her transferring photos, editing, and making prints. She likes that last part a lot. And seeing her excitement at showing her mother is always a payment that money can’t match.

If I can find a way to give to the community through my work I will. There is much work to be done on leaving this world a better place than I found it. Which means time to do some volunteering.

I like the idea of a new identity.

But today, we are still employed which means some limited minutes to start capturing the fall colors. I shot these at Wrights Market on the way home from the shore recently.

Mums the word. Photo by Mike Hartley

We will be hitting the pumpkin patch soon. Getting them from a field, with the family is a lot more fun than just picking them from a bin. Of course, that tractor ride to and from the field does my back no favors at all. But miss those smiles and time with family, not a chance.

I wonder if the deer have a favorite color? Photo by Mike Hartley

There is much to be said for the colors of this season. Like natures thank you note each year to each of us. I’m trying my hardest but this severe dislike of being the slightest chilled or heaven forbid COLD makes it hard to appreciate its beauty.

My friends tell me to dress in layers. When I think of layers I think of putting on a tee shirt to go with my shorts and flip-flops. Getting really dressed for winter is switching to my sweatsuits. If it involves more layers than that I’m inclined to stay inside in the warmth.

Who knows, maybe I’ll push myself to get out more at the end of this fall season and winter. Be forewarned, it may contribute to the occasional grumpy mood here.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It’s interesting how you can develop an attachment to something you’re doing so long as a career that you had no idea you would enter into when you started.
  • We are fast approaching the last snowball of the season. Let’s see if Mother Nature will give us some while the Woodstock Snowball stand closes up for the season. I need to get more winter seasonal photos with snow.
  • Finally, somebody put a sock in it.
  • I’ve always wanted a garage as part of my home. Never had one.