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After Dark

For the next few evenings, I’m hoping to take advantage of what will be some warm summer nights to do some night shooting around the county. I’m not an expert at shooting in the dark but experience is a good teacher.

Chesapeake Bay after sunset. Photo by Mike Hartley

I do have a lot of experience being out and about in the dark though having some pretty weird work schedules. I already know I’m going to try to shoot some of the roadwork going on Rt 29 at night. Then venture into Columbia and maybe Ellicott City to do some night lights. I’ve got a ton of ideas and some time to get to them.

Bridge support. Thank you for bringing us to the Eastern Shore. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ll throw a few tripods in the car, fill the tank up, and cruise to various spots. I could also use some exercise so I’ll try to get some walking/hiking in. I’d like to get a few miles in on the treadmill when it’s raining this afternoon.

So here is to a very productive day ahead once I catch up on a little rest.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’ve got to find ways to reduce all the plastic we use.
  • There are some carvings I need to return to and finish.
  • I’ve made the mistake of worrying about something instead of doing something.
  • The cloudy morning matches my clouded mind. Hopefully, a few hours of sleep will clear it up.

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In the air tonight

It happens to be a song I like (In the air tonight), but it also means to me, a keen sense of what is around you at night. Being a night owl and out and about in both city and country you become much more aware of your surroundings. Your senses become alive.

Not a full double rainbow but it was trying.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Sight is challenged and there are a lot of things out there in the dark with night visions. You know the guys in DC where I work roaming with their night vision goggles. Then there are the night people that work as coordinated teams and while there vision isn’t better they have more eyes on you than you do them. Of course, nature has a huge natural advantage over us due to several differences in our eyes in both makeup and size. They are on you well before you will ever see them.

Being that sight is limited, the sound becomes more important. Hearing can tell you where to look before you can see it. When to and not to take that next step or move quickly.

And that is useful in both country and city environments. Being I live next to the woods I’m familiar with wildlife and sometimes very closely. I’ll open my back door and be face to face with deer or fox.

But don’t overlook the sense of smell. The night and things out in it certainly have smells. Just like that drunk behind you that smell before he stumbles past is a sign of danger. So is an especially change of odor outside. IE Skunk or maybe a bear.

I don’t know what got me thinking about the night again. I used to take late night walks in DC but I stopped that nonsense. Walking in the woods at night isn’t much safer. But I love the night and I’m thinking I’ll get out and shoot a little tomorrow night. I’m so tired now I can barely keep my eyes open.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I see where Maryland (my home state) ranked dead last in the best state to retire in. Wow, that kind of put a damper on my spirits.
  • Things change so fast. Good thing I got a scorecard.
  • When I say sleep is on the horizon that means I’m going to bed at daybreak.
  • Going to visit a few special people tomorrow.